Friday, July 15, 2011

#Fail or #NoFail

I had big goals for the week. I was going to get to 40,000 words on my WIP. I was going to blog. I was going to tweet. I was going to do it all. 

But my weeks never quite go according to plan. 

So I only hit 16,000 words. And I didn't blog. And I barely tweeted. #Fail? Maybe not.

I did spend a lot of time with my kids. I saw them play with friends and have fun. I watched them read in the late afternoon under our oak tree. I laughed as they told jokes that didn't make any sense. And I smiled when I checked on them at night, their soft breath whistling in their quiet rooms.

Today I remembered to cherish these times with them. Today I was thankful for my interruptions, my distractions and the calls of, "Mom! Can you..." Because today I read an article that reminded me of a news story that gave me nightmares two years ago, a story about a horrific car crash broke three families to pieces. I actually cried that day when I read that all three little girls in one family had been killed, along with their cousin, aunt, and three other people. 

I don't wish to bring up the accident to relive the tragedy; I want to remember to love every moment I have with my kids. We all forget how fragile our lives can be, and we take for granted the fact that everyone will still be there when we wake each morning. 

The mother of those three girls is now pregnant, hoping to start again with her husband by her side. Once again, I cried a little when I read of her struggle these past two years and tried to imagine what our house would be like without my son and daughter.

I never want to know what that would be like. 

But I rejoice with this husband and wife as they take a brave step to finding a way to live, to keep going. Because that's what it's all about. We each have to find a way to make it through our lives the best we can, loving and being loved, holding and being held. 

I'm going to sit with my kids and watch Spongebob now. And I will find the time to write and blog and tweet when they are asleep.
I hope you have a great evening, too.

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